PensionDanmark A/S

PensionDanmark A/S


PensionDanmark is a not-for-profit labour market pension fund established in 1993. It offers defined contribution pension, insurance and health care products on the basis of collective agreements covering 660,000 individuals employed in 26,700 companies within the private and public sector. Assets under management total more than DKK170 bn.

Due to the challenge of low bond yields PensionDanmark aims to invest 20% of total assets in real estate and infrastructure, such as wind farms and property with high standards for environmental sustainability. These asset classes have a stable cash flow with very little correlation to the overall business cycle.This innovative investment strategy was the main reason that PensionDanmark was named “Best European Pension Fund” at the annual conference for European pension funds, the IPE Conference & Awards 2014. PensionDanmark won the same award in 2012. 

PensionDanmark's exposure to China includes investments in bonds, equities and European companies operating in China.



由于较低的债券收益,PensionDanmark计划将总资产的20%投资于不动产以及基础建设,例如风力发电厂以及具有较高的可持续发展属性的地产。此类资产具有较稳定的资金流动量,并且与整体的商业周期的相互关系较小。这种创新的投资策略是PensionDanmark在一年一度的欧洲养老基金大会“the IPE Conference & Awards 2014” 上获得“欧洲最佳养老基金”称号。PensionDanmark在2012年时也曾赢得同样的称号。