CGIG Denmark ApS

CGIG Denmark ApS



Changchun Guoxin Investment Group (CGIG) was first established in 1998 by Mr. Wang Yan, and its vision is based on the idea of Help People in Better Life. With early success in property development, CGIG sustained its growth by investing in several real estate related businesses such as property management, heating supply, construction and windows manufactory. CGIG also got into the organic agriculture, urbanization, tourism, and pharmacy businesses in recent years.

CGIG Denmark ApS, as sub-company of CGIG, was established in 2013. It was a mark of CGIG starting its international business development. CGIG DK purchased the property Sølyst in Nyborg in August 2013, and has good relationship with Nyborg Municipality. The vision of CGIG DK is to contribute in the exchange of both culture and economy between Denmark and China. In business level, CGIG DK will mainly cooperate with Danish Partners to develop Chinese market in following four industries:

- Health Care and elderly care industry
- Facility Management and service industry
- Energy saving and Green industry
- Play & Learning in Children related industry 


 CGIG丹麦公司作为CGIG集团子公司成立于2013年。这也是CGIG集团开始其国际化发展的标志。 CGIG丹麦公司在20138月购买了位于尼堡市的一处物业:Sølyst,并与尼堡市政府建立了良好的合作关系。 CGIG丹麦公司的愿景是为丹麦和中国之间文化经济交流做出贡献。在商业层面,CGIG丹麦公司将致力于与丹麦合作伙伴共同开发以下四个行业在中国市场的拓展:

- 医疗和养老产业
- 物业管理和服务产业
- 节能环保产业
- 寓教于乐的儿童相关产业