Public Affairs when Doing Business in China – Learn from the Case of Danfoss

Event: Partner event with Region of Southern Denmark
Date: 18/05/2017
Venue: Region of Southern Denmark, Vejle

China’s One Belt One Road initiative and the Nordic opportunities

Event: Other events
Date: 18/05/2017
Venue: DIIS, Copenhagen

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Export of Danish Agriculture to China

Event: Partner event with EKF & IFU
Date: 03/05/2017
Venue: Væksthus Midtjylland, Aarhus

US-China Policy Implications for Europe

Event: Partner seminar with Danish-American Business Forum
Date: 27/04/2017
Venue: Copenhagen Business School

Annual Meeting 2017

Event: Annual Meeting
Date: 29/03/2017
Venue: Vestas, Copenhagen

Sino-Danish Sister City Partnerships – Opening Doors for Business and Investments

Event: Member Meeting
Date: 08/03/2017
Venue: Bycirklen, Ballerup kommune

Can Denmark sleep safe? Cybersecurity – it is your responsibility!

Event: Partner event with Bestyrelsesforeningen and Asiahouse
Date: 18/01/2017
Venue: Bestyrelsesforeningen, Copenhagen

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China Outlook 2017 - Economic Forecast & Political Update

Event: Member Meeting
Date: 12/01/2017
Venue: Danske Bank, Copenhagen

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IPR in China and PPH Agreements

Event: Partner event with Danish Patent and Trade Mark Office
Date: 08/12/2016
Venue: Danish Patent and Trademark Office, Copenhagen

IPR in China and PPH Agreements

Event: Partner event with Danish Patent and Trade Mark Office
Date: 07/12/2016
Venue: Danish Patent and Trademark Office, Taastrup

Formal Change of Secretary General Reception

Event: Reception
Date: 24/11/2016
Venue: Asiahouse, Copenhagen

Asia Next Stop

Event: Partner event with Asia House and Innovation House China-Denmark
Date: 16/11/2016
Venue: Asia House, Copenhagen

How to Build a Security Programme for your China Entity - Reducing Cyberattacks & Fraud Risk in China

Event: Member Meeting
Date: 09/11/2016
Venue: Bird & Bird, Copenhagen

Linking Nordic companies with Chinese Consumers Online

Event: Member Meeting
Date: 11/10/2016
Venue: Deloitte, Copenhagen

Composing the Right Management Team for Your China Business

Event: Member Meeting
Date: 05/10/2016
Venue: Flensby & Partners, Copenhagen

Protect Your Brand and Innovation in China

Event: Member Meeting
Date: 14/09/2016
Venue: Awapatent, Copenhagen

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Grand Opening of Innovation House China-Denmark

Event: Partner event with Væksthus Sjælland, Copenhagen Capacity and Asia House
Date: 07/09/2016
Venue: Innovation House China-Denmark, Copenhagen

Crash Course with PET: People and Security

Event: Member Meeting
Date: 25/08/2016
Venue: LEGO Group, Billund

Investment Seminar

Event: Partner event with Invest Shenzhen, The Nordic Centre and Dansk Erhverv
Date: 20/06/2016
Venue: Børsen, Copenhagen

Board Meeting

Event: Other events
Date: 09/06/2016
Venue: Deloitte, Copenhagen

E-commerce Opportunities within the Food Sector in China

Event: Member Meeting
Date: 09/06/2016
Venue: Danish Agriculture and Food Council, Copenhagen

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Creating a Success in China

Event: Partner event with Denmark-Hong Kong Trade Association
Date: 02/06/2016
Venue: Magnusson Law Firm, Copenhagen

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