Company Description

Altor Equity Partners act as investment advisor to the Altor funds. Since inception, the Altor funds have invested in 40 companies with a committed capital of EUR 5.8 billion. 

The investments have been made in Nordic mid-cap companies with focus on value creation through growth initiatives and operational improvements. Among current and post investments are a number of companies with significant business and operations in China, including Åkers Group, Helly Hansen, Rossignol, Constructor, Qmatic, Piab, Byggmax, Ålö, Haarslev and CTEK.

 Altor Equity Partners是Altor funds的投资顾问公司。自成立以来,Altor funds向40所公司总共投资了58亿欧元 。

以战略增长计划及优化运营等举措来创造价值或进行增值的北欧地区的中等市值公司是Altor Equity的主要投资对象。在该公司正在参与投资及过去投资过的项目中,有多个公司在中国市场拥有业务,其中包括Åkers Group,Helly Hansen,Rossignol,Constructor, Qmatic, Piab, Byggmax,Ålö,Haarslev 以及 CTEK。