Company Description

Aumento Law Firm.

The lawyers at Aumento’s China Desk have been committed to dealing with China for more than 25 years and have a solid legal and deep cultural understanding of China. This includes more than 12 years on the ground in China while representing some of Denmark’s largest companies, covering i.e. complete IPR enforcement strategies and victorious lawsuits in China, complications involving JVs and large-scale M&A activities for listed companies.

We have also carried out successful lobbying efforts at the highest possible level vis-a-vis the Chinese government and the European Commission.

Aumento’s China-focused lawyers have participated in the EU-China Legal & Judicial Cooperation Programme and kept close, professional relations with leading Chinese lawyers for more than 15 years, enabling integrated, multi-disciplinary cross-border China-Europe and Europe-China services on the shortest possible notice. We also have a broad range of hands-on information and contacts to other relevant service providers in China.

We fully recognize the growing significance of China as a market for Europe and the growing volume of Chinese business endeavours and FDI in Denmark and elsewhere in the European Union

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