Bycirklen is the official partnership between Ballerup, Egedal and Frederikssund Municipalities in the north-western part of the capital region of Denmark. Since 1992, the municipalities have worked together to boost development in the region. Bycirklen, with a population of more than 130,000 people and approx. 70,000 jobs, is currently the fastest growing region in the Greater Copenhagen area.

Bycirklen’s focus on China started in 2007 when it entered into a partnership agreement with Wuxi in the Jiangsu Province. The aim was to have knowledge and experience exchanges within education, culture, health and the environment, at the same time as ensuring a more direct path to collaboration in China for the Danish business community.

The level of ambition and the potential in Wuxi are both enormous. With just under seven million inhabitants, Wuxi is one of China’s economically strongest cities with a high rate of growth. 


拥有约43千居民的Ballerup自治市地处Roskilde FjordOresund之间哥本哈根市中心西北约15公里处。



BallerupEgedal Frederikssund组成的城市群在2007年与中国无锡结为姐妹城市。企合作主要注重于教育,商业,可再生资源,环境,医疗和文化方便的交流与合作。