Novozymes A/S

Novozymes A/S




Novozymes is a world leader in bio-innovation and nine times sector leader in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Enzymes from Novozymes are used to save raw materials, energy and waste in many industries like textiles and biofuels. In 2011, the use of Novozymes’ products reduced global CO2 emissions by 45 million tons, equivalent to three-quarters of Denmark’s total annual emissions.

The latest enzyme technology from Novozymes enables production of advanced biofuels and bio-chemicals from agricultural waste reducing oil-dependency.

Novozymes is one of the largest Danish investors to China with a total investment of more than 500 million USD since 1994. In 1997 Novozymes became the first company globally to initiate biotech R&D in China. Today the company has four production facilities and about 1,100 employees in China and plans to invest further in the country over the coming years.

Novozymes has partnered with companies like COFCO and Sinopec to commercialize advanced biofuels in China. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, China can easily replace almost 40% of its annual gasoline consumption with advanced biofuels by 2030. This would cut CO2 significantly and create almost 3 million jobs in rural areas. Chinese players would be the major beneficiaries with a 118 billion USD domestic engineering, construction and feedstock market.


诺维信是引领生物创新的世界先导九次荣登道琼斯可持续发展指数(Dow Jones Sustainability Index)生物版块榜首。诺维信的酶制剂可以帮助纺织与生物燃料等众多工业减少原材料使用、能源消耗和废弃物排放,改进地球资源的使用方式和效率。2011年,诺维信生物技术的应用,为全球工业领域减少了约4500CO2排放,约四分之三丹麦全年CO2排放。


诺维信是丹麦在华最大投资企业之一,截至2012 年,诺维信在中国的投资总额超过5 亿美元。1997年,诺维信建成中国第一座生物技术研发中心。今天,诺维信在中国设有4家工厂,员工约1100名,将继续加大在中国的投入,支持中国生物技术的发展。

诺维信与中粮、中石化达成先进生物燃料商业化战略合作伙伴。彭博新能源财经(Bloomberg New Energy Finance)研究报告显示,预计到2030年,先进生物燃料有望替代中国约40%的汽油消耗量。这不仅有助于显著降低CO2排放量,还能为偏远地区带来约300万就业岗位。与此同时,先进生物燃料可为国内工程、建筑和原料市场创造约1180亿美元的经济效益,价值链中的中国企业将成为主要受益者。