Universal Robots A/S

Universal Robots A/S



Universal Robots (UR) has developed modern, light weight, and flexible industrial robotic arms, capable of performing many tedious and repetitive production-related tasks. The smaller 6-axis robot model, created by the Danish company, weighs a mere 18kg and can handle a payload of up to 5kg.  It has a working radius of 850mm, a repeatability of +/-0.1mm and can be readily programmed to perform the exact movements required, simply by showing the movements to the robot.  UR has launched a bigger robot model, UR10 in April, which was very well received.  This new model has the same technology as UR5 but has the capability of handling a payload of up to 10kg instead.

Every robot comes with a compact control box, which allows the entire system to be easily moved from place to place within the production environment.  The robot is controlled from a touch screen with an advanced, user-friendly graphical interface, available in 17 different languages.   UR robots can be operated without fencing and by non-technical personnel due to its compliance with the ISO standard for collaborative robots 10218-1:2006.

Since its founding in 2005, Universal Robots has grown tremendously.  In 2011, UR has achieved an annual growth of about 250% and has its own salesperson running its sales operations in China.  UR has presently 7 distributors from different industries covering the North, Central, East and South part of China.  Globally, UR has about 93 working partners spread across 38 countries in 6 continents.


Universal Robots UR开发了灵活的和现代化的轻型工业机械臂(或称机器人),可用在任何行业中帮助执行各种乏味的和重复性的单调任务。Universal Robots公司开发的6轴小型机器人,本体仅重18公斤,臂展850mm,重复精度约0.1mm。通过施教模式就可执行编程,简单地拖动机器人到指定位置,机器人就可以设定的路径移动。我们在今年4月已发布新型号,UR10,使用与UR5 同样的科技,本体重仅25公斤,负重10公斤。这个型号从发布到现在非常受欢迎。


自从Universal Robots 2005年成立以来Universal Robots迅速成长,截至到 2011年,Universal Robots增长超过250%,并于2011年并有其自己的销售人员,其在中国的销售业务运行。UR目前在中国有7个来自不同行业的合作伙伴坐落在中国的北、中、东和南区。在全求, UR 目前有93个合作伙伴分散在6洲合计38 个国家。

Website: http://www.universal-robots.com