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ZESO Architects ApS






ZESO Architects is a private limited company owned by Creative Director, Architect MAA, Torben Juul; Technical Director, Building Technician, MAK Claus Høeg Olsen and Creative Coordinator, Architect MAA, Michael Forde Bradley. We focus on integrated design solutions, holistically thinking energy usage and sustainable principles throughout the design process, benefiting from Denmark’s long-standing emphasis on energy reduction in buildings.

Working together with a group of Danish and Chinese partners, we are carrying out a number of sustainable projects in China, including a sustainable office and research centre prototype in Zhoushan, and an office and conference centre in Wuxi. In a close cooperation between architects and engineers, we believe that we contribute in China by combining our Danish knowledge of sustainable architecture with Chinese culture and expertise, to help fulfill the Chinese vision of a low-energy, high-technology society. At the same time, we recognize that China has a long history of innovation, culture and vision that is a rich source of inspiration for us. We look forward to a continued bright and exciting interchange of ideas, culture, and expertise with our Chinese friends, so that we can combine forces to be a part of China’s stunning and visionary sustainable future.


ZESO Architects创意总监Torben Juul和技术兼建筑总监Claus Høeg Olsen合作创立的公司。双方在建这涉及行业有着超过二十年的从业经因此1:1 ARKITEKTER公司是一家有着相当丰富经验的建筑设计公司。通过与丹麦和中国合作伙伴的紧密配合,公司已在中国涉入了一系列可续发展项目。公司的丹麦合作伙伴是丹麦技术学院,PhoamStudio工作室, Moe & Brødsgaard建筑设计公司以及 Cenergia建筑设计公司。公司目前着重于推动几个在华项目的执行,包括在舟山的一个可持续发。


Website: http://www.zeso.dk