Dynaudio A/S

Dynaudio A/S



Dynaudio was founded in 1977 by a group of engineers in Skanderborg, Denmark, who shared a passion for music and has, since then, established itself over the years as one of the largest and most advanced high-end audio companies worldwide. Dynaudio's loudspeaker products are renowned for their high-tech drivers which are designed, engineered and manufactured completely in-house. Parts are, however, sourced worldwide, including from China.

Today, music lovers not only listen to Dynaudio at home: In the world’s leading broadcast and production studios, sound engineers rely on Dynaudio monitors for the most authentic and natural sound reproduction. Dynaudio also produces high-end car audio loudspeaker systems for both the after sales market as well as OEM supplier to Volkswagen. The high-end sound systems in Volkswagen cars are regarded as the very best in the automotive sector. For the last three years Dynaudio has been selling their car speaker units directly to the VW vehicle production sites in China and Europe.

Dynaudio exports its products to 80 countries worldwide and has been exporting home loudspeaker systems to China for the last 15 years. Dynaudio employs 350 highly skilled staff and the company is represented in Denmark, Hong Kong, Germany, US and Latvia. Our loudspeakers are sold globally through a large network of distributors and dealers in each country.





Website: http://www.dynaudio.com