IMPACT Consulting Ltd

IMPACT Consulting Ltd




IMPACT Consulting Ltd was founded in Hong Kong in 2000. IMPACT provides Performance Management & Shareholder Value consulting services to Multinationals across Asia and Europe.  They have more than 15 years of experience / network in the Mainland Chinese market. In 2016 they opened their first European subsidiary, IMPACT Consulting Denmark ApS, in Copenhagen. 

They specialize in:

  • Establishing and/or overhauling companies in China to ensure compliance, good governance, a sound market strategy, and that the right people are in place.
  • Creating bespoke programs / financial models, which help companies identify how and where value can be improved and then provide the project management expertise required to ensure that the programs are imbedded in, and owned by, their clients so that value continues to be reaped long after they have left.  

IMPACT Consulting believes in providing small consulting teams and using the clients' own staffs as part of the project team. This increases value added for the client whilst keeping costs low. It also ensures that the projects become truly adopted and owned by the clients and do not grind to a hold once the consultants leave.


IMPACT Consulting Ltd2000年在香港成立。IMPACT Consulting为亚洲欧洲的跨国公司提供绩效管理,股东价值咨询服务。公司在中国大陆地区有长达15年的经验与关系网络,并于2016年在哥本哈根开设其在欧洲的第一家分公司:IMPACT Consulting Denmark ApS


  • 在中国成立公司并/或维持公司的运营,确保公司规范良好的管理,完善的市场策略以及高效的人力资源服务。
  • 创建客制化的方案/财务模型,帮助公司发现并改进价值。公司善用项目管理特长来确保方案嵌入并被客户所拥有,这样一来,即使项目结束后客户仍可持续获得价值。

IMPACT Consulting向来提供小型咨询团队并将客户的员工也作为团队的一部分。既增加了客户的价值,又保持了较低的成本。这样的做法还能确保这些项目真正被客户采用和拥有,在顾问离开后不会被束之高阁。