Accura Law Firm

Accura Law Firm



As a full service law firm, Accura provides services to a wide range of large national and multinational corporate clients, financial institutions, private equity funds, sovereign wealth and pension funds, utility companies, public authorities and governments as well as private companies and their owners.

Accura has a strong focus on transaction related work and is perceived by peers as the leading law firm within Mergers & Acquisition/Corporate in Denmark and rated as tier 1 in all leading directories.

Accura has an excellent historical track record on in-bound and out-bound work with Chinese interests. Accura has a China Desk which is a specialist team of leading lawyers and non-legal advisors with business backgrounds and who are widely experienced in Danish/Chinese matters. The China Desk assists Accura's clients on all levels of transactions (mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and majority/minority investments) as well as setting up companies and negotiating business contracts of any kind. Accura offers tailored advice adapted to the client’s business while taking into account the challenges afforded by the differences in culture and drafting traditions. The China Desk includes advisors speaking the Chinese language.


作为一家全方位的律师事务所,Accura为许多大型丹麦与跨国公司,金融机构,私募,主权财富和养老基金,公用事业,公共和政府机构, 以及私人企业提供服务。


Accura 历来在与中国相关的海内外业务中表现突出。Accura律师事务所设有一个专门的中国事务团队,其中包括了几位顶尖的丹麦律师与经验丰富的中丹关系顾问。这个团队从各个方面帮助公司客户,尤其是涉及企业并购,设立独资/合资企业,多数/少数股权投资,商业合同谈判等领域。Accura在根据企业需要提供客制化咨询的同时,也会考虑跨文化沟通的种种挑战。公司的中国事务团队顾问可用流利的中文为客户服务。