OSA - One Stop Advice ApS

OSA - One Stop Advice ApS






OSA – One Stop Advice is an umbrella organization, which consists of a team of trusted advisors particularly selected on the basis of their specialized knowledge about Asia and Europe. All team members have several years of experience in doing business across Asia and Europe, and they have various areas of expertise in terms of backgrounds, experiences and approaches.

OSA – One Stop Advice is a knowledge company where the many team members are the core of the business. The team members work and function daily in their respective businesses as well as in effective network teams which together generate solutions of high quality for our customers.

OSA – One Stop Advice’s prime focus is to generate high quality solutions for your business. Business solutions which are concrete, applicable and of high quality.


OSA-One Stop Advice(一站式建议)是一个伞型商务咨询、服务组织,它精选并集聚了一批值得信任的专家。他们在有关亚洲和欧洲商务、法律以及文化事务方面有各自的术业专长和资深经验。


OSA-One Stop Advice(一站式建议)的目标是如何为客户提供一个具体、可实施和高品质的解决方案。


Website: http://onestopadvice.com/