Frandsen Lighting A/S

Frandsen Lighting A/S



Frandsen Lighting A/S has created and marketed a wide range of designer lamps since 1968. Many of Frandsen Lighting’s lamps have now become contemporary classics, and the company continues its innovative approach to lighting and interior design with two annual collections.

Frandsen Lighting is part of the FRANDSEN GROUP, which also comprises Frandsen Project and Verpan. Frandsen Project develops custom lighting solutions for hotels and other contract customers; Verpan markets a stunning collection of Verner Panton’s celebrated lamps and furniture around the world.

Frandsen Lighting has been cooperating with China for more than 15 years now, having started out with sourcing. By year 2015 Frandsen Lighting are now based with 500 m2 showrooms in Guangdong and Hong Kong. To Frandsen Lighting its China operation is very valuable to the company’s business and is an important asset in the long-term business plans. 


 Frandsen Lighting A/S1968年来制造并推广了一些列的设计师灯具产品。 时至今日许多Frandsen的产品都成为了当代风格的经典,该公司每年推出两套新产品系列,保持其在灯具及室内设计领域的不断创新。

Frandsen LightingFrandsen 集团的一部分集团还包括Frandsen ProjectVerpanFrandsen Project主要为宾馆等合约客户开发定制照明解决方案Verpan则主要向全球市场销售设著名计师Verner Panton的经典灯具及家具产品。

Frandsen Lighting以采购开始已与中国合作超过15年之久,到2015Frandsen Lighting已经在广东和香港拥有500平方米的展厅。对Frandsen Lighting来说在中国的运营是该公司长期商业计划中的一个重要部分。