Copenhagen Capacity

Copenhagen Capacity



Copenhagen Capacity is Copenhagen’s official organisation for investment promotion and business development. Its mission is to develop and present business opportunities in Copenhagen to international companies, investors and talent and to help facilitate their implementation.

Copenhagen Capacity is a non-profit organization and its services are available to all foreign-owned companies free of charge and are provided in full confidentiality. Copenhagen Capacity works closely together with Invest in Denmark; an organisation under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

Copenhagen Capacity has a skilled China Team, who can make tailored strategic solutions for Chinese companies for their expansion in Europe. The service includes:

- Introducing the strongholds of Greater Copenhagen to Chinese companies: Life Science, Cleantech, ICT and etc.

Practical information including framework conditions and taxations.

Partner search and matchmaking for Chinese companies.

Arranging visit programs for Chinese companies in Denmark and following up.

- Assistance with business start-ups.






- 帮助中国企业深入了解哥本哈根大区的优势产业:生命科学,清洁技术与信息通信技术等;

- 提供当地的政策、税务等基本信息;


- 协助中国企业安排在丹麦的考察访问、后续跟进;

- 为中国企业在丹麦设立初期提供一些启动性服务。