Good Food Group A/S

Good Food Group A/S




Good Food Group A/S is a family-owned company established in 1951 by Inga and Peter Christensen as a local cookie bakery in the town of Vejle in Denmark.

Through a rapid growth and a large number of acquisitions, Good Food Group has transformed into an international corporation consisting of 10 companies in seven countries with export to more than 70 countries.

 The core business of Good Food Group is food manufacturing; however, Good Food Group is also a significant player within the packaging industry. By combining more than 100 years of tradition with modern passion for good food and taste, Good Food Group develops innovative, high-quality products.

For decades, Good Food Group has sourced ingredients and raw materials from China, and today Good Food Group is locally represented in China through an office in Jiaonan. Due to several years with significant growth in China, the Chinese consumers demand for high-quality food products and focus on food safety has increased drastically, thus making China one of Good Food Group’s key markets. 


Good Food Group A/S IngaPeter Christensen1951年创立的位于丹麦Vejle市的一所家族企业以生产食品为主要业务。

通过快速的发展和大量的收购Good Food Group已转型为一所拥有分布在7个国家的10所公司的国际化企业并出口产品至70多个国家。

Good Food Group的核心业务是食品生产,此外Good Food Group在食品包装行业也是具有竞争力的一员。Good Food Group结合一百多年的传统以及如今对优质食品和味觉的热情,全力开发创新优质的产品。

Good Food Group 从中国采购原材料已有几十年,如今该公司已在中国胶南市建立了代表处。中国这些年飞速的经济发展,中国消费者对高质量食品的需求以及对食品安全的重视等等因素使中国市场成为了Good Food Group的关键目标市场之一。