Developing Fyn

Developing Fyn




Developing Fyn is a regional development company whose aim is to contribute to growth in employment and revenues on the Danish island of Fyn.

Developing Fyn is targeted at six business areas in which Fyn is strongly positioned, or where potential has been identified. Each business area has a sub brand:

  • Odense Robotics
  • Destination Fyn Network
  • Sport Event Fyn
  • Environment Network Fyn
  • Maritime Cluster Fyn
  • Food Fyn.

Developing Fyn works with strategic business intelligence and as a catalyst for business development within each of the six areas. Developing Fyn serves as the link between enterprises, education institutions and local authorities, and helps promote the involvement of enterprises in relation to growing national and global markets so as to ensure lasting growth for them and, as a result, for Fyn itself.

The areas Odense Robotics, Destination Fyn Network, Sport Event Fyn and Food Fyn are cooperating with Danish companies about initiating cooperations related to China and Chinese people.


Developing Fyn是一家区域发展公司,其目标是促进丹麦菲英岛的就业和收入。

Developing Fyn业务集中于六个业务领域,这些领域属于菲英岛的强势领域,或者是受市场认可的高潜力领域。每个业务领域下边都有其分支品牌:

  • 奥登赛机器人
  • 菲英岛旅游
  • 菲英体育赛事
  • 菲英环境网络
  • 菲英海事群
  • 菲英美食

Developing Fyn与战略商业智能机构合作,并以此作为六个领域中的每一个下属领域业务发展的催化剂。Developing Fyn作为企业,教育机构和地方当局之间的纽带,有助于促进企业参与日益壮大的国家和全球市场,以确保企业乃至菲英岛的持续发展。