Praesidio ApS

Praesidio ApS



Praesidio Group delivers security solutions to international corporations, governments and the private sector around the world.

With their specialized techniques, they offer a unique experience in handling intelligent corporate security solutions, 24-7 investigations, extended crisis management support, close protection and executive advisory.

With their Danish roots planted in China, they understand both cultures and have a clear understanding of the paradox between trust and control, autonomy and bureaucracy, growth and consolidation, which enable them to support any client at any level in an organization.

They combine best practice from the private sector and the intelligence world. Via their specialized investigation techniques, risk assessments and experience in working in China we mitigate risks and turn company losses in to profit.

Based on their diversified backgrounds, they cover;

  • Investigation
  • Asset losses
  • Risk assessment and crisis management
  • Preventive measures for counterfeit production, IP theft, Industrial espionage
  • Partner and employee screening and search
  • Executive advisory
  • Travel security
  • Close protection and
  • Training







  • 调查
  • 资产损失
  • 风险评估和危机管理
  • 伪造生产,IP盗窃,工业间谍活动的预防措施
  • 合作伙伴和员工筛选和搜索
  • 执行咨询
  • 旅行保险
  • 密切保护
  • 培训