Air Store ApS

Air Store ApS



Air Store ApS is an e-commerce company established in 2013. The company is located in Copenhagen, focusing on seeking premium Danish products, marketing, exporting and distributing Danish products to mainland China. The company also strives to offer Chinese consumers high quality Danish products that create inspiration, confidence and well-being.

In China, Air Store ApS has over 70 employees, fully offering Danish companies a good knowledge of E-commerce industry in China and supporting them in entering and deepening into this industry. With more than 3 years of experience, the company has successfully supported several Danish brands to launch their products and to operate their flagship stores on JD International and Tmall Global platforms.


Air Store ApS是一家成立于2013年电子商务企业,总部坐落于丹麦哥本哈根。该企业一直致力于寻找优质的丹麦商品出口到中国市场,并进行系统化推广及分销。不仅如此,Air Store ApS始终坚持为中国消费者提供有活力、信得过的健康丹麦产品及生活理念。

在中国,Air Store ApS拥有70余名员工,服务于丹麦供应商,实时分享关于中国电商产业的现状与趋势,并支持丹麦企业接触了解及参与中国电商产业。3年的运营经验,Air Store ApS已为数个知名丹麦品牌在京东及天猫平台上成功投放产品或代为运营其品牌旗舰店。