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EF Consult






EF Consult is a consulting company based in Denmark and China, working to optimize the sales and communication of Danish brands and products on the Chinese market.

They work on a broad portfolio of projects spanning from design to processed foods. Their special focus areas are e-commerce, social media and online marketing, where they consistently keep themselves ahead of the trends.

EF Consult is the exclusive agent on the Danish market for Dianping.com, the biggest Chinese travel and lifestyle app. Dianping.com is the most efficient way for Danish brands, shops, restaurants and other businesses to optimize sales to Chinese tourists, the highest spending shoppers in the world.


EF Consult 是一家注册于丹麦的咨询公司。他们致力于帮助优化丹麦的品牌和产品在中国市场上的品牌形象与产品销售。公司在丹麦和中国均设有办公室。


EF Consult是中国大众点评网在丹麦的独家代理。大众点评网是中国最大的城市生活消费指南网站之一。丹麦的品牌,商店,餐馆或其他和旅游相关的商家都可以通过大众点评网的渠道,对中国游客进行最有效的品牌产品推广。

Website: https://www.efconsult.dk/