is a business advisory & service firm in Shanghai that offers practical advice and support to mostly Scandinavian SMEs that seek market access, company set-up or business development in China. The Co-founder, Noam David Stern, is from Copenhagen, Denmark but has lived in China since 2005.

The partner team has a strong business and legal background combined with more than 20 years of experience in assisting foreign-invested enterprises with their market entries, company set-ups and daily operations in China. Everything is based on practical solutions to daily operational issues.

The company is also well-connected to a specialist network within Legal, Trading, E-commerce, Social Media, IT, HR and Recruitment in China that they access for additional expert support.


       Advisory Services: China Appraisal (market entry, company set-up and start-up of operations) and Project Management (team on the ground).


       Legal Services: WFOE & JV Set-up, Due Diligence, Contract Review & Drafting, Contract Negotiations, Design Patent Registration, Trademark Registration and IP Licensing.


       Sales & Marketing Services: Go-to-Market Plan, Partner Search, Trading, E-commerce, Social Media and Copywriting.


China-direct.biz是一家位于在上海的咨询服务公司,旨在为北欧的中小型企业在中国的市场准入、公司设立以及业务拓展领域提供实际可行的建议和支持。公司的联合创始人Noam David Stern先生来自于丹麦哥本哈根,自2005年起在中国居住至今。