Ejlskov A/S

Ejlskov A/S



Ejlskov specializes in turnkey clean-up solutions for soil and groundwater contamination.

Being a step ahead is a founding principle of Ejlskov. The company develops, and holds patented, world-leading investigation tools and in-situ bioremediation technologies. Combined with a large knowhow and expertise in soil contamination issues at petrochemical sites, oil refineries, dry-cleaning facilities and various other sites, Ejlskov supports international clients with best-practice solutions to unique environmental challenges.

Services from Ejlskov are delivered as total-solutions and include a range of unique benefits for the clients:

•                          Result guarantees

•                          Cost-optimized procedures that fit individual clean-up targets and timeframes

•                          Allows for immediate contaminant risk removal

•                          No closures of client’s everyday operations during remediation

•                          Fixed price and performance-based agreements

Ejlskov entered the Chinese market in 2015 and has since rapidly expanded its activities in the market. With the opening of a subsidiary office in Qingdao in October 2017, Ejlskov is ready to handle the increasing Chinese demand for efficient soil cleanup solutions and to continuing a successful buildup of strong Chinese relationships.











Website: https://ejlskov.com/en/