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Bīng Bàng is a content marketing & social selling company. We help Nordic brands market and sell products and services to Chinese consumers wherever they are. We help them reach Chinese tourists & we help them market and sell in Mainland China. WeChat is at the heart of our services but we also use other Chinese social media platforms, O2O marketing, WeChat Pay and Alipay, various sales channels and marketplaces as well as pop up stores to reach your goals. Omni channel strategy is our second nature.


We work with companies of any size and in all segments. We can provide various services depending on your needs. To add value for our clients we have strategic partnerships with companies providing among other things Consulting, Chinese payment solutions, cross border eCommerce and logistics services.


We can develop your strategy, manage your WeChat presence and other social media platforms as well as create your WeChat mini-programs. We can also create all the content you need to win in China. Soon Bīng Bàng will also become a marketplace in WeChat. We have our own selfie tours mini program for the Nordic countries.


We offer project based services, retainer services, platform access and commission based services depending on the type of needs you have.


We are a mix of Danes, Icelanders and Chinese colleagues having great fun at what we are doing. We simply love connecting China to the Nordics.


We have offices in Copenhagen, Reykjavik and soon in Shanghai


Our name is 冰棒and these beautiful Chinese characters are pronounced Bīng Bàng. It literally means “Ice wood believe in greatness” but if you walk into a shop in Shanghai and ask for one Bīng Bàng you will walk out with a popsicle ice cream.


Enjoy your Bīng Bàng :-)







我们为您制定策略,创建微信小程序,运营和管理您的专属微信平台和其他中国社交媒体平台,营销内容的创作也是我们服务的一部分。我们开发了Bīng Bàng自己的北欧诸国自拍迷你游微信小程序,不久的将来,Bīng Bàng也会成为微信上的一个市集。




有爱有趣的Bīng Bàng团队成员来自丹麦、冰岛和中国,连接中国和北欧是大家热爱的共同事业。我们在哥本哈根和雷克雅未克设有办公室,下一间办事处很快会在上海成立。


我们的名字Bīng Bàng在中文里是冰棒,有水有木,欣欣向荣。然而,如果你走进上海街头任何一家小店问Bīng Bàng,很有可能会举着一根棒冰出来。


Bīng Bàng愉快:-)



Website: https://www.bingbang.one