Central Denmark Region

Central Denmark Region




Since 2003, Central Denmark Region and Shanghai Municipality have been sister cities. During the years the areas of cooperation have developed and today they have fruitful cooperation in areas such as:

- Business related knowledge cooperation within the areas of ICT, renewable energy, food safety and health care.
- Rehabilitation and elderly care: providing courses and seminars, participating at exhibitions etc.
- Hospital and research cooperation within neurology.
- Central Denmark Days / Shanghai Days – yearly event covering and promoting different projects and activities.
- Celebrating our 10-year anniversary in Central Denmark Region in May 2013.

Central Denmark Region’s Shanghai Office is theirr focal point for contacts between cooperation partners in the two regions. The aims are:

- To make full use of the good relationship with Shanghai Municipal Government generated through the sister-city agreement.
- To boost the existing cooperation that exists between players from the two regions.
- To identify new areas of cooperation between partners from both regions.
- To provide trend reports, business information and assistance to Danish and Chinese partners.

Central Denmark Region arranges delegation visits in both regions to help extend mutual knowledge about each other, and facilitates the start of partnerships or projects between schools, companies and knowledge institutions.



- 在信息技术、能源环境、食品安全和医疗保健领域的商业性知识型合作
- 康复和老年护理,包括进行培训课程和举办研讨会,参与大型展览等
- 医院之间进行的有关神经学的交流和研究合作
- 丹麦中部大区日/上海日—是涵盖和促进各个不同项目和活动的年度活动
- 2013年5月将在丹麦中部大区庆祝与上海的10周年姐妹城市友谊


- 充分利用与上海市政府因姐妹城市协议所缔结和积累的良好关系
- 推动双方已有的合作,如在信息技术、可再生能源、医疗保健和康复等领域的合作
- 为双方合作伙伴开发新的合作领域,如教育
- 提供趋势报告、商务信息及为中丹双方的合作伙伴提供必要协助


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