Danske Bank A/S

Danske Bank A/S



The Danske Bank Group, founded in 1871, is the largest bank in Denmark and one of the leading financial enterprises in northern Europe. The group employs more than 21000 people in 15 countries, and offers a wide range of financial services including commercial banking, asset management, investment banking, pension, mortgage finance, insurance, real estate agency and leasing services. At the end of 2011, the group’s total asset is around 3.4 trillion DKK, and total lending is around 1.7 trillion DKK. Danske Bank shares are listed on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen and are included in a number of Danish and international share indices.

The Danske Bank Group has had cooperation with China Merchants Bank (CMB) since 2007. CMB offers the same high standard products that Nordic customers are used to when opening an account or applying for a local credit. With this cooperation Danske Bank makes sure that the Nordic customers are guaranteed help and assistance from the very beginning.


丹麦银行集团是丹麦最大的金融服务机构,创建于1871年。集团总部设在丹麦首都哥本哈根,并在15个国家拥有分支机构,员工总数约为21000人。丹麦银行集团的主要经营业务涵盖:商业银行、投资银行、资产管理、人寿和财产保险、抵押按揭、地产中介、和租赁等业务。至2011年底,丹麦银行集团总资产为3.4万亿丹麦克朗,总贷款额为1.7万亿丹麦克朗。丹麦银行在丹麦的纳斯达克-欧麦克斯哥本哈根证券交易所(NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen)上市,其股票被计入OMXC20等多个国际性指数。


Website: http://www.danskebank.com