DISA Industries A/S

DISA Industries A/S





The DISA Group was founded in 1900. DISA is the world’s leading complete foundry supplier of moulding, sand plant and core solutions as well as services.

With technology centres, factories, sales and service offices in three continents and an extensive agent network, DISA serves foundries all over the world with leading edge technology and services to lower their cost per casting and improve their overall production.

In pursuit of the best solution in terms of quality, capacity and flexibility, DISA is vigorously developing enhanced vertical and horizontal moulding solutions. DISA is utilizing its global presence in order to secure fast and efficient execution of projects that help foundries lower their cost per casting.

Thus, DISA offers a wide range of solutions employing various moulding configurations, sand and core technology together with a carefully balanced product range of Wheelabrator shot blast equipment which offers individual solutions for a wide variety of processes and applications.

DISA has 3 offices in China: one in Beijing (since 1989), one in Shanghai (since 2007) and one in Chongqing (since 2012). Further, DISA has a manufacturing facility in Changzhou (since 1997). These 3 offices are handling our Chinese customers with support from DISA’s headquarters in Taastrup, Denmark.






迪砂在中国设有3个办事处:北京办事处(成立于1989年),上海办事处(成立于2007年) 和重庆办事处(成立于2012年)。另外,迪砂还于1997年在常州开设了生产厂。在位于丹麦Taastrup的迪砂总部的支持下,三个办事处致力于中国客户的业务服务。

Website: http://www.disagroup.com