Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin A/S

Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin A/S




At the beautiful Frederiksdal Estate in the southern Denmark lies Frederiksdal Cherry Wine - one of the largest wine producers in Scandinavia producing more that 60.000 bottles of wine every year. This wine is made from some of the world’s best cherries produced by the Nordic climate, namely the Danish Stevnsbær cherry – perfect for winemaking, presenting a wine of a very high quality and taste. 

The wines from Frederiksdal are produced on methods known for centuries in winemaking. The combination of the Danish Stevnsbær Cherry and traditional methods gives a unique result and balanced wines that go equally well with sweet and savory foods.

 Frederiksdal began their engagement in China in 2012. At first the company wanted to establish a network in China that could bring the wine on the market. Since, Frederiksdal Cherry Wine has increased their engagement in China extensively and is now exporting more than 15.000 bottles a year.