GN Otometrics A/S

GN Otometrics A/S



Otometrics is the world’s leading manufacturer of hearing and balance instrumentation and software. Over the last 50 years we have provided solutions ranging from newborn hearing screening applications and audiologic diagnostics to comprehensive hearing instrument fitting and balance testing under the brand names of MADSEN, ICS and AURICAL.

Otometrics has offices in 15 countries including China. The company has a solid foundation for growth, and will continue to focus its mission of providing innovative, effective solutions for our customers. Otometrics has been present in China for the past 25 years, and has a main office in Shanghai as well as distributors located throughout China.


耳听美有限公司在听力、平衡器械和软件领域乃是一家领先的生产商。在前50余年中,本公司已经在新生儿听力筛选应用、听力诊断、综合听力器械配件、平衡试验等领域提供过解决方案,品牌名称包括MADSEN、ICS 和 AURICAL。