House of Amber ApS

House of Amber ApS




House of Amber is one of the world's oldest manufacturers of exclusive amber jewellery and today also one of the biggest. The company was established in 1933 by Einar Fehrn under the name Ravfehrn and through several generations the company has specialised in and refined its skills in the manufacturing of the finest amber jewellery.

In 2007, Dansk Generationsskifte A/S gained the opportunity to carry on the family’s lifelong work. Under the name House of Amber the company has continued in the same spirit of dedication to quality and design and of love for this fantastic natural material.

All of House of Amber's shops carry the widest and most remarkable selection of exclusive amber jewellery set in silver, gold and diamonds. The company also cooperates with different designers in order to meet the growing demand for modern Scandinavian design.

In 2008, House of Amber opened its first stores in China and now has more than 30 stores in the country. The shops are mainly located in North East, East, and South China. The Chinese have a strong interest in amber and have received the  concept very well. The expansion on the Chinese emerging market will thus continue the coming years.


丹麦琥珀屋是当今世界上最大的琥珀制造商之一拥有历史悠久的琥珀首饰制造史。该公司由Einar Fehrn以Ravfehrn名义成立于1933年,经过几代人的努力,公司拥有专业的,完善的最好的琥珀首饰制造技术。

2007年,Dansk Generationsskifte A/S或得契机,令这个家族企业得以以丹麦琥珀屋的名义继续让琥珀这种如梦幻般的天然材料以高质量和完美设计为主导路线继续延伸发展下去。