J. Lauritzen A/S

J. Lauritzen A/S



J. Lauritzen has been serving the maritime trade since1884 and during more than 130 years of existence,they have been engaged in a range of different segmentsof the shipping industry.

Today, J. Lauritzen is a global provider of seaborne transportation of dry bulk cargoes as well as petrochemical and liquefied petroleum gases. They offer their services through their operational business units, Lauritzen Bulkers and Lauritzen Kosan.

Lauritzen Bulkers operates bulk carriers in the handysize and supramax segments of dry bulk shipping with main presence in the handysize segment. Lauritzen Kosan specializes in transportation of petrochemical and liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) - a segment of the shipping industry characterized by complex technical and operational requirements. Lauritzen Bulkers had more than 200 port calls in China in 2015, with appr. two thirds being discharging operations. Lauritzen furthermore actively supports students at Shanghai Maritime University through workshops and scholarships. Historically, J. Lauritzen has contracted a number of new buildings at Chinese Shipyards and Lauritzen Bulkers still owns four handysize bulk carriers built in China.


J. Lauritzen1884年以来一直服务于海运贸易,在130多年,企业涉足航运业的不同领域。

今天,J. Lauritzen是海运干散货以及石化和液化石油气的全球供应商。他们通过旗下Lauritzen BulkersLauritzen Kosan为客户提供服务。

Lauritzen Bulkers主要经营handysize型和supramax型干散货船,其主力船队为handysize型船。Lauritzen Kosan专门从事石化和液化石油气(LPG)的运输,这一专领域的特点是需要满足复杂的技术和操作要求。

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