In connection with the 70th anniversary of the mutual diplomatic relations between Denmark and China this week, Chairman of the Board of Danish-Chinese Business Forum Tom Behrens-Sørensen and Board Member Kjeld Erik Brødsgaard have both been featured in articles in Børsen and Berlingske Tidende, respectively.

Yesterday Tuesday 12 May Tom Behrens-Sørensen was featured in Børsen, elaborating on the need for a better understanding of China as well as a strengthened dialogue rather than the opposite. As China continues to be an important actor on the global scene, we should do our utmost best to commit China to contribute to solving the problems the World is facing. This can only be done through a close dialogue.

Today, Wednesday 13 May, Kjeld Erik Brødsgaard was featured in Berlingske Tidende, commenting on an article from 9 May, which in his view underestimates the importance of China and Kjeld Erik calls for a more fact-based public discussion. It is important to discuss the increasing economic and political importance of China in the World, but this has to be done on an informed basis.

Article in Børsen (in Danish)

Article in Berlingske Tidende (in Danish)

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