Company Description

Based upon a patent for a unique filling material, Fossflakes A/S is a Danish manufacturer of Pillows, Duvets, Support Pillows, Mattress toppers, In- and Outdoor Cushions, Lounge Cushion and more.

With an export share of approx. 70%, Fossflakes A/S sells in over 20 countries. Primary export markets are Scandinavia, Japan and China.

The sales of Fossflakes products in the Scandinavian markets are primarily taking place via JYSK Nordic - a Danish based group with over 2,400 shops in approx. 40 countries and with 20,000 employees.

Fossflakes products have been marketed and sold online in China since 2014 and the brand is regarded as a high-end brand within home textiles products. At Fossflakes ranked 26 in most sold products in its category at November 11 sales in 2016. Fossflakes products are available in most online shops including,, and

Fossflakes A/S is in a partnership with a Chinese distributor.

Fossflakes A/S 是一家在丹麦具有独特填充材料专利权的家用纺织品制造商。产品包括枕头,羽绒被, 支撑枕,床垫,室内和室外靠垫,休闲靠垫等。

Fossflakes 产品在二十多个国家销售。出口分额约为百分之七十。主要出口市场是北欧,日本和中国。

在北欧市场, Fossflakes 产品的销售主是通过 JYSK Nordic 进行。JYSK Nordic 是一个丹麦集团,在大约四十个国家有超过二千四百家商店和二万个员工。

自二零一四年起, Fossflakes 产品在中国进行市场推广的工作和网上销售。Fossflakes 品牌被视为家用纺织品中的高端品牌。在”2016年天猫双11全球狂欢节”中, Fossflakes 产品在同类产品中的销售额排名第二十六位。 在大多数的网上商店 (包括,, 和 都可以购买 Fossflakes 产品。

在中国, Fossflakes A/S 于中国经销商合作。