Company Description

INFUSER is a Danish based, internationally oriented Cleantech company, founded in 2011. The company is located at the heart of Copenhagen Science City, a district in Copenhagen comprising one of the largest areas of education, research and applied science within natural sciences in Europe.

INFUSER develops, produces and implements solutions for both industrial and indoor air pollution and smell reduction, just as systems for decontamination of virus, bacteria, germs, toxic mold and spores are part of the company’s business scope.

INFUSER uses Advanced Atmospheric Oxidation to remove pollution, which is achieved by harnessing the natural self-cleaning mechanisms of the Earth’s atmosphere in closed systems. The company’s solutions are developed by a leading team of chemists and engineers, all devoted to atmospheric chemistry and the creation of advanced pollution control and decontamination solutions.

In June 2016 INFUSER won the Copenhagen Business Award 2016. INFUSER received the award in recognition of the company’s innovative air purification technology that has the potential to improve air quality not only in Copenhagen but around the world. In 2016, INFUSER plans to establish a permanent presence in China to market and sell the company’s solutions to Chinese clients. 


INFUSER为工业和室内空气污染及去除异味提供解决方案。此外,该公司也提供消除病毒,细菌,病菌,霉毒和孢子的 杀菌业务。