Company Description

Magnusson is the only international law firm with offices in all countries around the Baltic Sea (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland).

Our Danish team advises both domestic and multinational companies on legal issues in Denmark and abroad. We are highly experienced in, among others, M&A, company law, technology and intellectual property rights, banking and finance, dispute resolution, public procurement and other relations to the public sector, advanced commercial regulatory, EU law, construction and real estate, employment, life sciences, energy and infrastructure.

Our China Group provides high quality legal services in all countries where Magnusson is present and consists of both local Nordic and Chinese speaking lawyers in order to overcome cultural and language barriers.

We service Chinese companies in relation to investment projects, greenfield establishment, technology transfer agreements and disputes in Europe and the Middle East, and we service European clients on Chinese legal issues, including joint venture structures between Denmark and China. We have advised on a number of Chinese investments projects in Denmark as well as on a number of Sino-Danish joint venture structures, latest within the technology and food and drinks sectors.

The Danish Co-Head of the firmwide Magnusson China Group, Nikolaj Juhl Hansen, has worked with China related matters since 2005 and is also the Board Chairman of Denmark – Hong Kong Trade Association, the chamber of commerce focusing on relations between Denmark and the Pearl River Delta. In Denmark our team also counts dual-qualified lawyer (Denmark and UK) and Mandarin speaker Tina Ravn.

With almost two decades of experience the Magnusson team is positioned to offer a full range of legal services to Chinese companies doing business in the region and to European companies doing business in China. Our understanding of Chinese corporate culture gained through assisting Chinese businesses enables us to offer excellent advice to European companies doing business with Chinese partners.


格努松 (Magnusson) 是唯一一家在波的海周各国的国所,所在国家包括丹麦、瑞典、挪威、芬、俄斯、沙尼、拉脱维亚、立陶宛和波


格努松 (Magnusson) 所中国团队由北欧本地律和懂中文的律携手合作,以克服文化和言障碍,在我的所有国家及地区提供高量的法律服

们为中国公司在投资项目、新建目、技术转让协议以及理在欧洲和中地区的争等方面提供法律咨于欧洲客,我可以在中国法律问题方面予帮助,其中包括与丹中合业结构有关的问题。我在丹麦的多个中国投资项目以及一些中丹合提供, 比如最近的涉及技术领域和食品料行的案例。

整个格努松中国集(Magnusson China Group) 的丹麦席主管, (Nikolaj Juhl Hansen)2005年以来一直从事与中国相关的事,他同时还担任丹麦-香港贸易协会的董事会主席,商会着重展丹麦与珠江三角洲的经贸关系在丹麦的团队有一位唐娜律(Tina Ravn), 她同时拥有丹麦和英国的律师资格并且会普通

凭借近二十年的经验格努松 (Magnusson) 团队将服宗旨定位于地区开展业务的中国公司以及在中国开展业务的欧洲公司提供全方位的法律服。通过协助中国企中国企文化的理解,而使得我能够那些与中国合作伙伴开展业务的欧洲公司提供卓越的建