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Call for Interest! Market Research in China

During DCBF’s visit to China, we had the opportunity to negotiate a preliminary agreement with the largest online consumer panel owner in China. They cover all of China, and have well segmented panels according to consumer behavior, such as Mass Population Online (40,000,000+), Baby Panel (3,250,000+), Business Executive Panel (400,000+), Online Shopper Panel (3,000,000+) and more.


We know there is a lot of issues regarding reliability and the trust in data coming out of China. One reason we are working with MyTianHui is because since 2001, Line Kathrine Langelund has been working with market research together with Tony Qi, the Director of MyTianHui. It is this long-term collaboration, coupled with MyTianHui's track-record which has led to the meeting between MyTianHui and DCBF, resulting in the proposal to our members at an attractive price point. Now we would like to hear from our Members what their wishes are!

Through the call for interest we hope to join forces with our members in creating a large syndicated study within the FMCG-segment, that will provide participants with a lot of valuable data insights into the present state of consumer behavior in China. If you wish, there is also the possibility of entering into collaboration outside of the syndicated study we are describing below.

Those who choose to participate will get the following:

The research will be designed as a syndicated tracking study, which will be launched twice a year in China. We would recommend selecting one or two FMCG category in related fields (could be fashion, jewellery beverage, foods…) for the pilot stage. Research topics could include (not limited to):

For the pilot stage, MyTianHui proposes:

  • Only target at key tier 1 & 2 cities
  • Sample size: n=2,000 each wave, with n=1,000 for each city tier
  • Questionnaire length under 15 minutes, around n=30 questions
  • Respondent criteria to be confirmed (most likely, assume general population) 

A summary report will then be prepared and shared with DCBF’s membership base. An executive summary will be freely available through our website. You can read more about MyTianHui HERE.


To hear more, please get in touch with Line Kathrine Langelund (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)