Our unique transport company specializes in designing precisely the transportation you need. We move goods throughout Europe and the rest of the world by truck, ship and aircraft, and because our employees are the most highly-skilled in the industry, the service we provide is top-class.

NTG Nordic Transport Group A/S is special because it comprises over 80 companies – each with core competencies in a particular field of transport – and because through acquisitions and partnerships with carefully selected companies, the Group is continuously expanding and enhancing its services and market position. We can therefore offer our customers the best solutions regardless of the transport job in hand.

We are also unique as we are owned by employees. As a customer, you will notice this clearly reflected in the dedication and care we invest in everything we do.

This business model results in satisfied customers and also explains the Group’s rapid economic development.



诺迪运输集团由超过80家公司构成 -每家公司都是在兼并收购以及独特的合伙人制度过程中经过严格的筛选,并在各自特定的运输领域拥有其核心的竞争力。基于此,我们能够持续给客户不同的运输需求提供最优的解决方案

我们的另一个独特的地方是我们的公司是由员工共同拥有。 作为客户,你能清晰的感觉到公司所有的投资和所做的一切都会体现在对客户的奉献和维护上。