Company Description

Prime Cargo is an international forwarding company based in Kolding, Denmark with thorough knowledge of the Asian and European market. With own offices in Denmark, Poland and Asia as a base and an extensive network of agents worldwide, Prime Cargo handles shipments from the end of production and until the goods are delivered at the customer’s address. It is not just moving goods from A to B, but also managing the entire logistic process from picking up goods at the manufacturer to storing, picking, packing, dispatching and possibly handling returned goods, in other words Prime Cargo handle the full supply chain from production to consumer, and all steps in between.

With big logistical centers in Kolding (Denmark) and Stettin (Poland), Prime Cargo is able to handle a large number of pick/pack, plus all different variations of added value services. Furthermore, Prime Cargo has a strategic placement to cover both Northern Europe, Central and Southern Europe, and the growing markets in Eastern Europe.

Prime Cargo has a branch office in Copenhagen and its own offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Cairo and Stettin.