Company Description

PSU was established 2006 and is one of the leading security consultancy firms in China. PSU has offices in Beijing and Shanghai and works throughout strategic partnership in Asia, Europe and the US. PSU protects its clients' most valuable assets; people, brand, reputation and business operations. 

The support and advice from PSU enables clients to manage the security, operational and integrity risks that come with doing business internationally.  PSU creates value through preventive strategies, trainings, lectures and actions. PSU optimizes the clients’ businesses by identifying and reducing risk and by providing support in the form of operational resources during natural disasters, operational challenges and other disruptions to business. 

PSU employees are a mixture of Chinese and foreign professionals with vast experience from Government organizations as well as from the business environment. Since 2006 PSU have been established as an appreciated and well-known supplier to foreign companies operating in China. 


御安行的雇员具有丰富的中外政府组织及商业环境工作经验. 自2006年成立以来,御安行成为被在中国运营的外国公司信任和广泛知晓的供应商.