Company Description

Scandinavian Farms Group is a Danish-led Agriculture and Food Project Developer. Utilizing competitive Danish agriculture techniques, we are developing a leading agricultural and food venture to produce high quality Danish genetics and pork products. 

The vision is to provide the Chinese market with best Danish genetics and prime safe pork based on good quality feed, high bio safety and manage methods, complying with the best recognized standards of CSR and animal welfare. 

The group of companies is operating a SPF breeding farm with 600 sows which is expanded to 1,600 sows in 2014, and after the expansion the farm will produce 15,000 gilts and 500 boars per year. Scandinavian Farms also operate a production farm with 2,500 sows which is expanded to 5,000 sows in 2014, and after the expansion the farm can produce 135,000 slaughter pigs per year. While the companies are owned by Danish investors and are Danish-led, both farms are located in the Lianyungang region in China.


我们的使命是: 在优质饲料,高度生物安全和管理模式,遵守最高公认标准社会责任和动物福利的基础上,为中国市场提供最好的丹麦基因和最高端的放心猪肉。