Company Description

Scape Technologies has developed an advanced, programming-free bin-picking system that combines 3D vision, gripping options and robot control in a unique software solution. The system has made its way to the German automotive industry and China will be next target.

Parts that are going to be processed in a production line are often delivered to the production site in large boxes or bins. These parts are typically fed into the processing equipment by human manual labor. Bin-picking is the ability of a vision guided robot arm to locate and pick individual parts in the bin even though the parts are completely randomly placed in a bin. The unique picking techniques, robot control and collision avoidance by Scape enables a more effective production for the customers.

In order to enhance the market competitiveness of the respective companies and seize the opportunities of the great Chinese market of robotics Shenzhen Maxonic Automation Control Co. Ltd. have entered the field of robot technology by purchasing app. 22% of the shares of Scape Technologies A/S. Maxonic and Scape will establish a new joint venture in China, in order to expand the Chinese domestic market for robot applications. Danish Scape will have a 25% ownership in the joint-venture company in Shenzhen.

Scape Technology开发了一套先进的、免编程的容器内取料技术,是一款结合了3D视觉,抓取选项以及机器人控制的全方位软件解决方案。该系统现已进入德国汽车工业,另一个目标市场则是中国。


 容器内取料技术是由视觉指引的机器人手臂准确定位完全随机存放在容器内的零部件并正确取出的功能。Scape Technology这种独特的取物技术,机器人操控以及防碰撞的特性可以使顾客的生产活动更加高效。

 为了加强公司在市场中的竞争力并抓住中国机器人市场的的良好机会,深圳万讯自控股份有限公司通过收购约22%Scape Technology的股份,进入机器人应用产业。

 为了在中国机器人应用市场继续扩张其业务,万讯自控和Scape Technology将在中国建立一所合资企业。Scape Technology将持有这所位于深圳的合资公司25%的股份。