Company Description

SinoScan A/S specialises in design & engineering, sourcing, assembly & production of high-quality custom-engineered products and components from China. SinoScan A/S’ services cover all parts of the supply and value chain from idea to design and engineering stages, through sourcing and manufacturing to logistics, warehousing and distribution to end-users globally. SinoScan A/S is the subsidiary of Danish-owned manufacturing and engineering services company, SinoScan Group, with sister companies and local representation in China, Germany, United Kingdom, USA and Canada.

SinoScan A/S assists in managing the entire span of the value and supply chain including final design stages, engineering, quality control, optimizing prices by serving as a local bridgehead to low-cost countries, and converting fixed to variable cost via supply chain management and outsourcing. Additionally, SinoScan A/S can help consolidate a supplier base by serving as supplier across a number of materials and production processes.

SinoScan A/S originates back to 1998 and currently manages the supply of more than 3700 part numbers globally, ranging from simple industrial components to highly complex retail-ready design products. 900 new inquiries are started yearly and on average 400 of those are added to the company’s assortment portfolio. 

SinoScan A/S 专注于来自中国高品质定制产品和部件的设计与工程,采购,组装与生产。SinoScan A/S 的服务涵盖供应和价值链的所有部分,从概念到设计和工程阶段,通过采购和制造到物流,仓储和配送到全球终端用户的手里。 SinoScan A/S是丹麦SinoScan Group的子公司,母公司提供制造和工程服务。SinoScan A/S 在中国,德国,英国,美国和加拿大拥有姐妹公司。

SinoScan A/S协助管理价值和供应链的每个环节,包括最终设计阶段,工程,质量控制,通过作为低成本国家的桥头堡优化产品价格,与此同时通过供应链管理将固定成本转换为可变成本和外包。此外,SinoScan A/S可以通过作为供应商在多个材料和生产过程中巩固企业的供应商基础。

SinoScan A/S始于1998年,目前管理着全球3700多个零件品种的供应,从简单的工业部件到高度复杂的零售设计产品。每年公司都会调研900左右的新零件种类,平均会有400个新品项会被添加到公司的产品组合中。