About us

Danish-Chinese Business Forum is an independent, non-profit, executive network organisation that aims to strengthen commercial ties between Denmark and China.
Established in 2005 by leading Danish companies, Danish-Chinese Business Forum has gained recognition from both Chinese and Danish official side.

Danish-Chinese Business Forum aims to create a professional network forum for executives doing business with China as well as creating a professional platform for Chinese officials and executives visiting or setting up a base in Denmark.

Danish-Chinese Business Forum counts more than 700 executives from all levels and sectors of commerce. The Forum covers a variety of businesses and organisations from large scale corporations to small-size business – all with a shared interest to succeed in China.

Sharing opportunities, knowledge and expertise, Danish-Chinese Business Forum helps you build your China network, furthering your chances to succeed.


Danish-Chinese Business Forum is an independent, non-political, executive non-profit organisation. Its purpose is to strengthen commercial and economic relations between Denmark and China for the benefit of Danish-Chinese Business Forum members.

Danish-Chinese Business Forum is an executive network association with an informal and direct style of interaction. Danish-Chinese Business Forum is building and maintaining active participation and exchange of knowledge among top executives and managers from large and small companies, educational and research institutions, and municipal, regional and central government bodies.


Danish-Chinese Business Forum is known as the best executive networking forum for top management of Danish companies and institutions with interests in China as well as for top management of Chinese companies and institutions with interests in Denmark.


Danish-Chinese Business Forum strives to add value for its members and specifically aims to:

  • Facilitate match-making between members and business contacts within and outside the network and official agencies.
  • Provide members with access to business leaders, top governmental officials, and experts
  • Present the latest knowledge, experience, and visions of leading experts to the members.
  • Maintain strong ties to the Danish government and the official Danish representations in China, and to the Chinese government and the official Chinese representation in Denmark.
  • Be a strong voice and influencer of Danish commercial and trade policy in relation to China.
  • As the primary lobby organisation in Danish-Chinese relations, carry forward members’ issues, requests or problems to relevant bodies such as governmental authorities, organisations or business contacts.


Hans Henrik Pontoppidan
Secretary General (+45 20200481)
Line Elk Hansen
Project & Public Affairs Manager (+4520629778)
Line Kathrine Laustsen Langelund
Project Manager (+45 22199768)
Christian N. S. Strange
Marketing Manager (+45 41189722)
Mikkel B. Kildetoft
Digital Communications Assistant (+45 53669778)
Rebekka Zaar Nielsen
CRM Assistant