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Protect Your Brand and Innovation in China

On the 14th of September, Danish-Chinese Business Forum held a Member Meeting with the topic of protecting brands and innovations in China. The event was kindly hosted by Awapatent at their Headquarters in Copenhagen.

From three great presentations, our members were given insights into the current issues concerning the protection of Intellectual Property Rights in China. The first speaker was Rhonda Tin who shared real-life cases from China on some of the world's biggest corporations and their patent issues in China. She took the brand owner's perspective on the latest developments in the legal, regulatory and enforcement landscape in China. Rhonda Tin also brought her evaluation of the Chinese IP courts, a 2014 initiative on improving the processing time of court cases related to Intellectual Property.

The second speaker was Frank Petersen, Patent Manager at Grundfos, who explained the rapid growth in Chinese patents, in comparison to the development in patents in the United States of America. Frank Petersen brought with him patent cases from Grundfos and explained the conditions for their Patent Engineers in the Grundfos R&D facility in Suzhou, China.

Finally, Henrik Jeppesen, Founding Partner at Attention-Group, shared his experiences with patents concerning industrial design. He showed how Danish companies have spread out their manufacturing and assembling to avoid being copied. As Henrik Jeppesen mentioned in his presentation, the copycat issue is not limited to China alone, it is a global issue. He ended his presentation with a recommendation for all Danish companies to clearly define their protection strategy and define their risks of copyright infringement.