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Composing the Right Management Team for Your China Business

On the 5th of October, Danish-Chinese Business Forum held a Member Meeting with the topic of composing the right management team in China. The event was kindly hosted by Flensby & Partners at their Headquarters in Copenhagen.

Three great presentations were presented to our members, and offered our participating members valuable insight in the process of hiring and putting together a management team in China. The first speaker was Anthony Lewis, Managing Director of ALS International Ltd., who made his first recommendation very clear: A wrong initial hire makes it very difficult to build teams, so be extra vigilant in your recruitment process when hiring managers for your China business. He brought with him some of his company's cases from recent years and how they had helped matching the right manager with the right business.

The second speaker was Steen Jensen, CEO at Struers, who shared his experiences with a managerial setup in China. He underlined the importance of investing time in finding the right recruiter among the abundance of recruiting agencies, and suggested other companies to mix their experience levels of the management team. Struers has most recently in 2014 hired a new Genereal Manager in their China office, and Steen Jensen took the participants through the steps of the hiring process and things to consider.

The last presenter was Per Sonne Sørensen, Senior Vice President - Production & Supply Chain at FOSS, showed how FOSS had worked on their recruitment process in China in 2008 when they opened their office in Suzhou. He emphasized the cultural differences in the company structure of Danish and Chinese businesses respectively, especially in relation to the reporting between managers. He also shared FOSS' different experiences with having a local and a foreign General Manager in their Chinese business.