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Linking Nordic Companies with China’s Online Consumers

On the 11th of October, Danish-Chinese Business Forum held a Member Meeting looking closer into linking nordic companies with China’s online consumers. The event was kindly hosted by Deloitte at their Headquarters in Copenhagen.

Many great presentations were given on the day to our members, and the speakers shared their different expertise on the Chinese online consumers and trends. The first speaker of the day was Leah Zhang, Business Development Manager at Alibaba Group, who presented the Chinese online consumers' impact on the global ecommerce sector. With detailed insight into the Alibaba platform, and their retail sites Tmall and Tmall Global, the participants taken through the vast growth in online shopping and trends in China.

 The second presentation was given by Casper Freddie, Commercial Consul and Head of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Design and Retail Sector), who shared his experiences with helping Danish companies getting in touch with local partners who can help expanding online sales in China.

The third speaker was Adrian Pritchard, Global E-commerce Manager at ECCO, who presented ECCO's online strategy on the Chinese market. He explained why ECCO are selling on multiple platforms in China, and how the company faced difficulties with managing a Chinese server from Europe, together with do's and don'ts when launching in China.

The fourth to present was Lac Tran, Partner at Web2Asia, who flew in from Shanghai to give the participants helpful advice on branding a company with a ROI mindset. He started his presentation with brief walkthrough of the differences in online platforms between China and the rest of the world, with examples on Weibo and WeChat. He also mentioned how a simple thing such as translating the company name into Mandarin was crucial for the Chinese consumers in order for them to accept the brand.

Following Lac Tran, Morten Poulsen, CEO at Ehubnordic, presented how their company helps Danish brands sell their products in China via their webshop on Tmall Global.