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E-Commerce In China - Where to Start?

On June 13, Danish-Chinese Business Forum held a teaser Member Meeting for the upcoming E-Commerce seminar in September. The event was partnered with and hosted by Dansk Erhverv at their headquarters in Copenhagen.

From three great presenters, our members were given an introduction to the world of e-commerce and branding in China. The first speaker of the day was Hans Henrik Pontoppidan, Secretary General of Danish-Chinese Business Forum. He started the day by introducing the huge numbers behind the Chinese e-commerce market - the world's biggest e-commerce market. Especially the online FMCG market is showing rapid growth and it is projected to be one of the most attractive segments for Danish companies who enjoy a good image.

The second speaker was Niels Christian Flintholm, Consultant and Founder of EF Consult, who is going to speak at the E-commerce seminar in September. On this day, he presented how he in September will be explaining how to choose an e-commerce platform for your China venture. He also touched upon the pitfalls and opportunities of doing cross-border e-commerce, a market that is exponentially growing year by year in China. Finally, he briefly introduced the future top trends in China, which affects the e-commerce scene, hereunder the vast growth of e-commerce in third-tier cities and the increased demand for imported food and beverages. He ended on the notion of how Tmall and for long have been the dominating B2C platforms in China, but that consumers have become increasingly sophisticated and new B2C platforms are growing, especially in specialty and niche industries.

The third and final speaker was Deheng Xie, TMall Shop owner, introduced the members to some key trends on Chinese social media - a place where companies can brand and create marketing activities to connect with the Chinese customers. Deheng will also speak at the E-commerce seminar in September.