Company Description

The AVK Group comprises AVK Holding A/S and subsidiaries employ more than 2500 worldwide. The main activities of the AVK Group are development, production and marketing of valves, hydrants and accessories for the distribution of water and gas, sewage treatment, fire fighting.

Today AVK is one of the world’s leading valve manufactures and AVK products are sold in more than 80 countries. Further¬more, AVK has activities which pro¬duce and sells products for internal production and process systems; gas metering systems; rubber and synthetics components for food, healthcare and technical applications; and metal components for automotive and wind turbine industry.

Since its first establishment in China in 1998, AVK is now present in Shanghai, Nanjing, Hexian (Anhui provins) and Kunshan (Jiangsu provins).


目前,埃维柯是世界上最主要的阀门生产企业之一,埃维柯的产品销往80多个国家。与此同时,埃维柯还从事内部生产和加工系统以及气体测量系统所用产品、橡胶和合成部件的生产和销售,这些     产品主要用于食品、保健和技术应用领域。此外,公司还从事汽车和风轮机所用的金属部件的生产和销售。