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Cover Image -  Global Collaboration Mastering Danish-Chinese Cross-Cultural Communication
Global Collaboration: Mastering Danish-Chinese Cross-Cultural Communication
Culture & Communication
Free Access
Communicating with business partners, colleagues, managers, employees, or other stakeholders becomes more complex when it is done across cultures. And when it happens virtually and on the distance, it becomes exponentially mor complex. 
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Cover image - DCBF Partner Podcast: Building a Sustainable Value Chain from China to Europe
Partner Podcast: Building a Sustainable Value Chain from China to Europe
Free Access
Supply Chain
What does it take to build a sustainable value chain from China to Europe? What are the drivers, benefits, pitfalls and risks of sustainability in global value chains? What legislative initiatives affect danish companies with global value chains, and what can Danish companies do to stay up-to-date and navigate these?
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Danish Chinese Business Life Science Healthcare
Fast-track Market Access to the Chinese Healthcare Market via Hainan
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Life Science

China is the World’s second largest market for medical equipment and medicine, but many Danish companies hold back from starting exports or own sales in China due to lack of market knowledge and entry barriers.  

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Cover image - Public Affairs in China: Dos and Don'ts
Public Affairs in China: Dos and Don'ts
In this podcast, Hans Henrik interviews Frank Zhang from Grundfos, to learn why public affairs efforts in China should not only focus on building the reputation of your company but more importantly it should focus on promoting business, as well as handling risks and challenges in relation to aspects such as product compliance issues.
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