Company Description

AWA is a leading consultancy firm in intellectual property (IP). The company was founded in 1897 and has 300 employees at 16 offices in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, China and Hong Kong. AWA helps clients turn their ideas and innovations into business opportunities with over 160 patent attorneys, attorneys-at-law and other IP professionals, who are experts in IP strategy and legal services as well as patents, trademarks, design and copyright. 

In early 2015 AWA launched a new business in the cities of Hong Kong and Beijing under the “AWA Asia” brand in response to a growing need among international clients for assistance in Asia. AWA Asia exists to provide companies with IP expertise and related legal assistance for all their business needs in Asia.

The business scope of AWA Asia’s IP consultancy is the broadest possible allowed for foreign firms by China’s Administration for Industry & Commerce (AIC). Through their own IP consultancy in Beijing, AWA Asia is able to file and enforce trademarks directly in China before the Trademark Office and the administrative authorities without the need to instruct third party agents. 



2015年初,安伟专利以AWA Asia为品牌在中国香港和北京开展业务,以适应国际客户在亚洲地区持续增长的服务需求。