Bakkafrost, which was established in 1968, is a salmon company with farming activities in the Faroe Islands and Scotland. Bakkafrost is renowned for its superior quality salmon that is especially tasty and healthy and that is raised sustainably.

Bakkafrost has the longest vertically integrated value chain in the industry which enables them to control the quality in every part of their salmon' about 3-year growth cycle. Furthermore, they focus on supplying the consumers, in the about 55 countries they currently supply, a salmon that is raised in the pristine North Atlantic Ocean and fed a uniquely developed and in-house produced feed with a high inclusion of marine ingredients. Thus, Bakkafrost’s salmon are raised in salmon’s natural habitat and eat a feed close to salmon’s natural diet, which results in a unique salmon second to none.

Bakkafrost has been delivering its superior quality salmon to the Chinese market for more than 10 years and has received a reputation as delivering a premium product by both end consumers and professionals. This is evident in the fact that Bakkafrost today is supplying high-end restaurants and sushi restaurants throughout China.

Bakkafrost 成立于 1968 年,是一家在法罗群岛和苏格兰从事养殖活动的鲑鱼公司。 Bakkafrost 以其优质的鲑鱼而闻名,这种鲑鱼特别美味和健康,而且以可持续方式饲养。

Bakkafrost 拥有业内最长的垂直整合价值链,这使他们能够控制鲑鱼大约 3 年生长周期的每个部分的质量。此外,他们专注于为他们目前供应的大约 55 个国家的消费者提供鲑鱼,这种鲑鱼在原始的北大西洋养殖,并采用独特开发和内部生产的饲料,其中含有大量海洋成分。因此,Bakkafrost 鲑鱼是在鲑鱼的自然栖息地饲养的,其饲料接近鲑鱼的自然饮食,从而造就了独一无二的鲑鱼。

Bakkafrost 向中国市场提供优质三文鱼已有 10 多年的历史,并因提供优质产品而受到终端消费者和专业人士的好评。这一点在今天的 Bakkafrost 正在为中国各地的高端餐厅和寿司店供应这一事实中就很明显了